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Teriver Cheung, My Nocturne
(Tippin', 2012)

Todd Marcus, Inheritance
(Hipnotic, 2012)

Opus 5, Pentasonic
(Criss Cross, 2012)

Stephan Crump & Steve Lehman, Kaleidoscope & Collage
(Intakt, 2011)

Reeds & Deeds (Eric Alexander/Grant Stewart), Tenor Time
(Criss Cross, 2011)

Mike Moreno, First In Mind
(Criss Cross, 2011)

Katchie & Le Monde Caché, Tales & Tongues
(CDBY, 2011)

Will Vinson, Stockholm Syndrome
(Criss Cross, 2010)

Jerome Sabbagh, I Will Follow You
(BEE Jazz, 2010)

Alex Sipiagin, Generations: Dedicated to Woody Shaw
(Criss Cross, 2010)

Matt Garrison (saxophone), Familiar Places
(D Clef, 2010)

Lage Lund, Unlikely Stories
(Criss Cross, 2010)

Kendrick Scott, Reverence
(Criss Cross, 2009)

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, Sube Azul
(World Village, 2009)

Dr. Lonnie Smith, The Art of Organizing
(Criss Cross, 2009)
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