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Christopher Burnett, Firebird
(ARC, 2014)

Dave Douglas, Time Travel
(Greenleaf, 2013)

Tim Warfield, Eye of the Beholder
(Criss Cross, 2013)

David Binney, Lifted Land
(Criss Cross, 2013)

Darryl Harper, The Edenfred Files
(Hipnotic, 2013)

Dayna Stephens, I'll Take My Chances
(Criss Cross, 2013)

Dayna Stephens, Today Is Tomorrow
(Criss Cross, 2012)

Joe Moffett's Ad Faunum, Animal Culture
(Not Two, 2012)

Dick Oatts, Lookin' Up
(SteepleChase, 2012)

David Kikoski, Consequences
(Criss Cross, 2012)

Teriver Cheung, My Nocturne
(Tippin', 2012)

Todd Marcus, Inheritance
(Hipnotic, 2012)

Opus 5, Pentasonic
(Criss Cross, 2012)

Katchie & Le Monde Caché, Tales & Tongues
(CDBY, 2011)

Mike Moreno, First In Mind
(Criss Cross, 2011)
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