Right-wing heartlessness watch

Certain Bush defenders are now saying that because the Katrina death toll was nowhere near 10,000, what was the big deal? It was all hysterical political correctness on the part of the liberal media.

Jason Zengerle of The New Republic rips apart these arguments, put forward by the likes of Cliff May and Victor Davis Hanson. Zengerle’s closing lines (article is subscription-only):

No one who is serious argues that the terribleness of September 11 was exaggerated because the early death toll estimates of the attack proved to be inflated. That conservatives are now trying to make that case about Katrina means one of two things: Either they are so dedicated to defending the president that they are intellectually bankrupt; or they are so unmoved by the plight of those who suffered that they are morally bankrupt. It’s hard to know which is worse.

Momma said knock you out.

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