Liner Notes

Joe Fiedler, Open Sesame

(Multiphonics Music, 2019)

Zach Brock, Purple Sounds

(Criss Cross, 2013)

Helen Sung, Sung With Words

(Stricker Street, 2018)

Kris Davis, Diatom Ribbons

(Pyroclastic Records, 2019)

Orrin Evans & The Captain Black Big Band, The Intangible Between

(Smoke Sessions, 2020 — Grammy Nominated)

Eric Hofbauer & Tony Leva, Book of Fire

(Creative Nation, 2020)

Dave Allen, The Sky Above Her

(Fresh Sound New Talent, 2018)

Pocket Aces, Cull the Heard

(Creative Nation, 2018)

Harold Mabern, To Love and Be Loved

(Smoke Sessions, 2017)

Alex Sipiagin, Moments Captured

(Criss Cross, 2017)

Dylan Jack Quartet, Diagrams

(Creative Nation, 2017)

Eric Hofbauer, Ghost Frets

(Creative Nation, 2016)

Alex Sipiagin, Balance 38-58

(Criss Cross, 2015)

Adam Rogers & David Binney, R&B

(Criss Cross, 2015)

Opus 5, Tickle

Boris Kozlov, Alex Sipiagin, Seamus Blake, David Kikoski, Donald Edwards
(Criss Cross, 2015)

Matt Brewer, Mythology

(Criss Cross, 2014)

Tim Warfield, Eye of the Beholder

(Criss Cross, 2013)

Dave Douglas, Time Travel

(Greenleaf, 2013)

David Binney, Lifted Land

(Criss Cross, 2013)

Opus 5, Pentasonic

(Criss Cross, 2012)

Todd Marcus, Inheritance

(Hipnotic, 2012)

Teriver Cheung, My Nocturne

(Tippin’, 2012)

David Kikoski, Consequences

(Criss Cross, 2012)

Dick Oatts, Lookin’ Up

(SteepleChase, 2012)

Dayna Stephens, Today is Tomorrow

(Criss Cross, 2012)

Mike Moreno, First In Mind

(Criss Cross, 2011)

Will Vinson, Stockholm Syndrome

(Criss Cross, 2010)

Lage Lund, Unlikely Stories

(Criss Cross, 2010)

Joe Cohn, Shared Contemplations

(Criss Cross, 2009)

Brenan Brothers, The Throw Down

(Death Defying, 2009)

Roni Ben-Hur, Fortuna

(Motéma, 2009)

Kendrick Scott, Reverence

(Criss Cross, 2009)

Danny Grissett, Encounters

(Criss Cross, 2008)

Dave Allen, Real and Imagined

(Fresh Sound-New Talent, 2008)

Wallace Roney, Jazz

(HighNote, 2007)

Jason Kao Hwang, Edge

(Asian Improv, 2006)

Russ Lossing, Phrase 6

(Fresh Sound-New Talent, 2004)

Jesse Van Ruller, Circles

(Criss Cross, 2003)

Adam Rogers, Allegory

(Criss Cross, 2003)

Joel Weiskopf, Change in My Life

(Criss Cross, 2003)

Jeff Ray, the Walkup

(Hipnotic, 2003)

David Kikoski, Combinations

(Criss Cross, 2002)

New York Trio Project, Fifth House

Adam Rafferty, John Menegon, Jeff “Siege” Siegel
(Imaginary, 2001)

Brad Shepik Trio, Short Trip

(Knitting Factory Records, 2001)

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